The Halloween Masked Ball returns to its nefarious nocturnal haunt at Los Flambardos, Helston, Cornwall every Halloween for another chapter of devilish hedonism. Based at ‘Los Flambardos’ – a sprawling theme park just outside of Helston, the Halloween Masked Ball has grown to become one of the largest Halloween parties in Europe, its dedication to costume and outlandish dress equalled only by the crowd’s thirst to party.

One of the much-lauded charms of the Masked Ball is its production and attention to detail, a maze of venues augmented by a sterling line-up of DJs, acts and performers. Since its inaugural event in 2006, hosted in the depths of darkest Cornwall, The Halloween Masked Ball is one of two of the bi-annual jamborees of hi-jinx, frivolity and hedonism that have earned the events a loyal following both locally and nationally.

The Masked Ball is a walk on the wild side boasting a strong and varied musical line-up. Set among a myriad of stunning venues, a strange and surreal sideshow of fairground follies, rock ‘n’ roll posturing and freak show craziness waits to be discovered in a nocturnal theme park where strange things happen. A myriad of rooms, dancefloors, dens, hidden bars and unpredictable nano-venues, eccentric humour and epic raves, set to a soundtrack of Drum & Bass, New York disco, primal chants, cosmic guitar licks and terrifying techno.

General Info – Festival Timings

Gate times – General Admission: 6pm – 12am. There will be no admission after 12am.
– Camping: 4pm – 12am. There will be no admission after 12am.
– Re-entry: No re-entry.

Event times – 6pm – 6am. Please note that the clocks go back at 1am on the night. This means that the event will finish at 6am BST, your smartphone will read 5am GMT (new time) at the end of the event.

Bus times – All buses leave the Halloween Masked Ball from Sainsburys bus stop. Please remember that the clocks go back during the event, buses depart at 4am GMT (new time) or 5am BST (old time). Your 4G smart phone will read 4am.

General Info – Access Please expect to be searched and asked to show some identification upon entry to the festival site. For more information on alcohol restrictions, prohibited items, accepted forms of I.D and more please check our FAQ’s.

For Directions see here. 

There will be no admission with alcohol to the site. If you have a camping ticket you may bring in 6 cans of beer OR cider OR 75cl of wine. No Glass allowed. Alcohol will not be allowed out of the campsite and into the main arena. 

General Info – Vehicles We have both car and campervan parking facilities available on site. Please note these are located in different areas for each event. To park you will require the correct pass from our tickets page. Please note these have sold out very quickly in the past so we strongly advise booking in advance. Tents will not be allowed in the parking / campervan zones and no electricity or water hook ups are available.

General Info – Litter We have plenty of bins on site, please bag up your rubbish and dispose of it responsibly. We will be operating a litter bond scheme for cars and campers.

General Info – Lost Property If you’ve managed to lose all of your worldly possessions, not all hope is lost! We have a lost property system in place that is dealt with on a case by case basis. Lost property is dealt with by members of our team in their own time, so please be patient during the period immediately after the festival as we will all still be busy clearing up the site. If you think you might have lost something, keep an eye on our Facebook page the week following the event for a list of found items and instructions on collecting them.

“The best festival I've been to... and I've been to a lot!...”


“The best festival I've been to... and I've been to alot!...”


“Being swathed in this kind of hedonism can be overwhelming, but that’s why they’re only on twice a year”


“Probably one of the most beautiful, up for it and dressed to the nines crowds you can possibly imagine”

247 Magazine

“Probably one of the most beautiful, up for it and dressed to the nines crowd you can possibly imagine”

247 Magazine